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 keeping your body healthy, balanced, strong and flexible, simultaneously leading to emotional well-being. With the practice of "nutra yoga," you can enhance physical-movement, range-of-motion and balance, increasing stamina and strength.  "Simplified,"  nutra yoga will enhance everything you do in life!   This system combines yoga with nutritional guidance, controlled breathing and relaxation techniques.

In my opinion, the practice of yoga by it self is NOT enough! Nutra yoga is a nutrition based yoga and focuses on what you put in the your body, as much as what you do externally to your body. It also targets specific postures that have been selected to aid the digestive system allowing for proper body function. Leading to increased energy, better skin tone, weight stability and proper sleep habits. 

I'm living proof of why and just how far and wide reaching the benefits of nutra yoga are.  Nutra yoga improves virtually any area of your life. It is not just exercise and breathing; it's a way of life! The improvements you experience transcend all activities you engage in, leading to a rewarding functional life!

Some of the physical attributes are enhanced movement, range-of-motion and balance while increasing your stamina and strength. In correlation with inward growth of mental awareness, clarity and calmness stemming from presence.

The life system of nutra yoga is designed into a custom tailored low impact practice to suit your individual health requirements. It is available to any level of experience or age, particularly specializing in a gentle, restorative practice.  in person at my studio or your home. As well as over Skype for those on the go or at a distance.

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 People around the world have practiced yoga for thousands of years, and millions of Americans currently enjoy its health benefits. Nutra Yoga has an internal effect on your organ, helping the body to function as intended to.It is a low-impact form of exercise that involves integration of every muscle, organ, and cell of the body, resulting in reduced stress levels, lower blood pressure, better skin and improved heart function.  Bringing balance to your body and mental clarity with a calm, clear mind.

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