I'm Michael Onello, I'm proud to be able to say I'm 51-years old and the founder of nutra yoga (nutrition based yoga) I have been practicing and teaching yoga for the past 30 years from NY, and Miami to San Francisco and now Palm Springs CA.  Along the way I became an accomplished three time published author, C.N.C. (certified nutritional counselor) recognized by A.A.N.C.  Developed a junior Olympic champion, and consulted for two world heavy weight championship boxing training camps. In addition: E-RYT200

Through my personal studies I have linked nutrition and yoga, which has led me to create  "Nutra Yoga."  The disciplines of boxing have rooted me as a foundation in my yoga practice.Combined they equal balance!  My life has been a path of correlated modalities (nutrition, yoga and boxing) all merging together. nutrition, breathing and meditation. 

My focus is  tangible and applicable with an emphasis placed on technique, proper alignment and breath work.

In my practice, under my teaching I keep an open respectful mind that everyone is different and the path that we all are on is continual, as well as  slightly different.

I have chosen a hatha yoga practice that is heavily influenced by B.K.S. Iyengar. With emphasis placed on concentration, proper alignment and breathing, performed at a slow pace.  I use western terminology for the postures, which seems to simplify and not intimidate students new to yoga.  My approach to teaching is  real and genuine with a tangible and applicable style.

These days you can find me teaching yoga or nutrition over Skype,  as well as in various studios, resorts, spas & gyms in the Coachella Valley area.

Here’s a Bit More About my style of yoga


Michael Onello C.N.C.