Here’s a Bit More About my style of yoga

I'm Michael Onello, I'm proud to be able to say I'm 50-years old and the founder of nutra yoga (nutrition based yoga!) I have been practicing and teaching yoga for over 20 years from Miami to San Francisco and now Palm Springs CA.  Along the way I became an accomplished three time published author, C.N.C. (certified nutritional counselor) recognized by A.A.N.C.  Developed a junior Olympic champion, and consulted for two world heavy weight championship boxing training camps.


Through my personal studies I have linked nutrition and yoga, which has led me to create  "Nutra Yoga."  The disciplines of boxing have become my root/yang and yoga is the trunk/yin. Combined they equal balance!  My life has been a path of correlated limbs of a tree,  just as in the tree of yoga (eight limbs) with the branches being: nutrition, breathing and meditation. 

If your looking for "mainstream" yoga, (chanting, incense, Sanskrit) I am Not the teacher for you! My focus is  tangible and applicable with emphasis on technique and proper alignment.

In my practice, under my teaching I keep an open respectful mind that everyone's tree has different roots, trunk and limbs and the path that we are all on is, never ending and slightly different.

The postures I have chosen are heavily influenced by B.K.S. Iyengar yoga. I concentrate on proper alignment and breathing. All performed at a slow pace.  My approach is a more western style of gentle, restorative yoga. I have chosen to omit the sanskrit terminology, making yoga more easy and applicable to learn.  I use western terminology for the postures, which seems to simplify and not intimidate students new to yoga. "If your looking for new-age guru, chanting with incense burning, I am not the teacher for you!" I am as far from mainstream as you can get. If you want real and genuine with a tangible and applicable style of teaching, I am for you!

These days you can find me  teaching yoga or nutrition over Skype,  as well as in various studios & gyms in the Coachella Valley area.

Michael Onello