1.) Consultation: no cost.

A.) An explanation of what can expect from the program with predetermined time-frames as well as, what is expected from you to complete the program.

B.) Handouts = intake form, quetionnaire & food log.

2.) Fee:

A.) Single plan = one person $519 over Skype or Telephone $619.00 in-person Palm springs area. Packages included: ( 7- consulting sessions, 1- kitchen cleanse, 1- shopping trip.)

B.) Family plan = spouse included additional. $100

C.) Family plan = children included additional $50 per child.

3.) Program: 8-week duration.

1st week Protein = 3-servings per day/ General/specific Supplementation = enzymes & probiotics / Specific Supplemental needs to be determined/review questioner & food-log.

2nd week Fat = With each serving of protein/Snacks = throughout day/Condiments/Ingredients = (oils/spice) /Kitchen cleanse/review food-log.

3rd week Carbohydrate = 1-serving per day/Fruits = throughout day/review food-log.

4th week Raw = 1-serving per day minimum no limit/Beverages = (alcohol, caffeinated/non-caffeinated, herbal, water)/review food-log.

5th week Vegetable (cooked) = 1-serving per day no limit/review food-log/Energy foods = (quick energy.)

6th week Menu = Menu of morning, mid-day, late afternoon/Recipes = ingredients, instructions/review food-log.

7th week Fast = (24-hour)/Shopping/review food-log.

8th week Omit = Dairy, refined sugar, wheat, processed, chemicals and preservatives/Personalized menu = customized, prescriptive diet and recipes. ingredients and cooking instructions/review food-log.

Check-In = Follow-up, final food-log review and questions.

 Offered for every age and skill level. 

Privately (in person) at a location of your choice, my studio or conveniently over Skype.

Group lessons are held at site locations. Please contact for specific locations and times.

Nutrition Program